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Bride and groom after the wedding ceremony

The Greatest Love Story is Your Own.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by creating a book containing the most cherished moments of your relationship.

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Whether you want to talk about your first date, relive your wedding, or share the many reasons you love your partner, our team will help you capture the greatest love story of all time—yours.

Couples like you love Forevernote

Get inspired by real couples who have used Forevernote to capture their love in a beautiful book.

What a Great Ride! by Dee Schenck

Dee and Marian each recorded memories of their love story as part of their life stories.

Caleb and Clara by Caleb Jones

Caleb told the story of his relationship with Clara in a Forevernote solely dedicated to their love.

Love You Always by Eddy and Dolores Urbina

Eddy and Dolores worked together to share the story of starting and raising their family.

Complete your Forevernote together as a couple

Our packages are designed to be flexible enough to fit your unique needs, making Forevernote the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to create a memorable experience with your partner. What story will you tell?

Story Topics

Get Inspired

Here are a few topics that you could cover in your Valentine’s Day Forevernote.


How We Met


Our First Date


The First Time I Said “I Love You”


Things I Love Most about My Partner


Our Proposal Story


Our Wedding Story


Starting Our Family


What the Future Holds for Us

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During a welcome call with our team, we will help you get prepared to talk about your love story and during your personal interview, our professional biographers will help you and your partner bring your memories to life.

How It Works

With one of our exclusive Valentine’s Day packages, both you and your partner will get to share your perspective of what makes your love special.

I. Give As A Gift

To gift the Forevernote to your partner, select one of our Gift Card options at checkout.

II. Tell Your Story Together

We’ll conduct personal 1-on-1 interviews with you and your partner, professionally transcribe them, then you can edit the story and submit photos.

III. Share Your Story

Once your edits are complete, we will design a book that you can share with your family and friends.

We offer both physical and eGift Cards at no extra charge. Order now and have your gift card in hand to present to your partner on Valentine’s Day, then complete the Forevernote at your convenience.

A couple reading their Forevernote together

Create a love story that will last forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to include stories from two or more loved ones in a single Forevernote?
Yes, we can split the package so that more than one person can be interviewed. For the best quality audio, we recommend that only one person is interviewed per session.

I’m not sure if my story is suited for a book. How do I know?

Every love story is unique and yours is more exciting than you may realize, making it perfectly suited for a book. The best part of creating a Forevernote is strengthening the bond between you and your partner while reliving some of the most important moments of your relationship so far.

What should I talk about in my Forevernote?

Your Forevernote is just that, yours. Whether you want to talk about your first date, relive your wedding, or everything in between, our professional biographers will help you tell a story that brings all of the important details to the forefront.
How long does it take to get my Forevernote?
The average Forevernote takes approximately 2-3 weeks from the submission of your final draft. Then you will receive your interview audio file, eBook, and hardcover book depending on which package you select.
What’s the process like?
  • We start with a brief welcome call to prepare and organize the stories you want to share.
  • 1-on-1 personal phone interviews, with you and your partner, are conducted by our skilled biographers to bring out your best stories.
  • We carefully transcribe the interviews from audio to text.
  • You will edit the text with our easy-to-use online editing tool. Professional editing services are available as an add-on.
  • Once you're satisfied with your edits, our design team creates a memorable keepsake book to be shared with family and friends.
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