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We offer two offer two comprehensive books with different experiences. Click on the tab below to select which product you want to view.


Sign up for you or your loved one.

Whether you want to share a few short snippets of advice or record a detailed account of your life, we have a package designed to give you the support and flexibility you need to tell your story.


Prepare for your one-on-one interview.

We start with a brief welcome call to explain the Forevernote process, help bring your memories into detail, and prep you for your one-on-one phone interview(s). Simply select a time and date that works for you and we’ll give you a call. A trained biographer will be with you every step of the way to interview you (or your loved one) and help you capture all the memorable details from your stories!


Transcription and Self-Editing.

Once the interview is complete, our team transcribes the audio into text. We’ll notify you when the transcription is ready for your personal edits. Simply use our online editing tool to modify/add/remove copy as you desire. Optionally, we offer professional editing services. At this point, you’ll have the ability to upload photos to include in your book.


Design, Review and Print.

Once your edits are complete, our professional design team completes the finishing touches of your story and readies it for production. You’ll have an opportunity for a final review and approval before we send the book design off to our printing facility.


Share with family and friends.

Upon final approval, we’ll send you a digital PDF version of your book as well as the audio recording of the interview session for you to download and share with family and friends! If you ordered hardcover books, expect to receive them two to three weeks after the design is sent to our printers.


Sign up for you and your loved ones

Celebrate loved ones with a personalized collection of stories and photos from family and friends. Free to sign up and draft a book!


Select book recipient and collaborators

Choose the Celebration recipient and occasion. Then, select collaborators to contribute their favorite memories and photos. Forevernote will keep everyone on schedule.


Gather stories and photos

Forevernote templates make it easy to beautify memories and photos as they roll in from loved ones around the world! You sit back as we continue to reach out to collaborators for participation.


Review and print

Once everyone’s stories and photos have been submitted, you can review the final design, submit payment, and approve a hardcover print to our printing facility.


Share with family and friends

Share with family and friends a digital PDF of your book to share with family and friends! Hardcover book(s) arrive two to three weeks after final approval to enjoy together.

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