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Every human has a story

At Forevernote, we have a straightforward philosophy about storytelling: every human has a story, and every story is worth sharing. What we do is guide our users into formulating stories that are engaging.

We use stories to share and pass on knowledge, values, myths, and much more from one generation to another and across geographical space. Simply put, storytelling is a means of sharing and interpreting experiences in a straightforward, meaningful way. That means by just living, you are crafting a story that others may find valuable.

Turn cherished memories into a keepsake book

The stories that we find most compelling often relate to us in some way. And that means you have a built in audience waiting to hear your most meaningful stories: your loved ones. To you, your memories and daily lived experiences may seem mundane but to your family and friends, your life is a wondrous, historical tale. That’s why we created Forevernote: to connect families by simplifying the timeless tradition of storytelling.

We know that everyone has a story to tell that is worth preserving, but not everyone is a writer. That’s why we offer a convenient and affordable way for everyone to turn their cherished memories into keepsake quality books to be shared with your family for generations to come.


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